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Comparison between simple TOOTHBRUSH and Electric toothbrush:

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Comparison between simple TOOTHBRUSH and electric toothbrush:

We find a lot of contrast between the performance and structure of a Simple Toothbrush as well as an Appleberry Electric Toothbrush.

At perishing its life when a new toothbrush is needed, we have to replace simply the head of an Appleberry Electric Toothbrush but in case of Simple Toothbrush.

We need to change it with a new one thus it also saves our purse and pocket.

Appleberry Electric Toothbrush ensures elimination of plaque, an element responsible for decay and disease of our teeth whereas simple toothbrush provides no such guarantee.

Also vibration and rotation of Appleberry Electric Toothbrush enables us remove plaque while simple toothbrush lacks this significant feature.

Peculiar Attrative Features:

These are the specific features why people entice to the use of Appleberry Electric Toothbrush:

Manual Toothbrush:

Toothbrush is inexpensive having no extra parts

A Manual Toothbrush has a little room to make life easier

A specific use of an Electric Toothbrush and a Manual Toothbrush under ADA-USA’s recommendations shows difference only
When cleaning our teeth, we feel excited with an Electric Toothbrush

This eliminates at least 21% of plaque as compared to manual one

An electric toothbrush with timer timer:

Gum recession causes sensitivity because of use of hard brush when Appleberry Electric Toothbrush ensure soft brushing. Also brushing teech with appleberry electric toothbrush us from collection of any acid of teeth plague.

Don’t brush your teeth immediately after meal rather rinse mouth with water or take chewing gum that saves from acidic attack that plaque bateria cause.

You should keep away from such food or drink contains acid. However, in case of constant persistence or disruption, take immediate examination with any delay.

The best treatment of sensitive tooth is the use of flouride stuff.

We can only ensure the proper chewing of our food if we have fully healthy denture. Decay even a single tooth may calls for fall of rest of them.

We need to keep dental care at first and top priority in our health plan. We should also learn a slight sluggishness in avoiding teeth case can cause entire vashing of teeth.

Too bristle teeth add a natural aestheticism to lips, chins and other facial features.

More is that, our teeth gives an catchy look of our face and structure as a whole. The fall of teeth makes us look many years older than our real age.

Similarly, our diet is the basic elecment that keeps our body upright as a whole. If it is not chewed properly it may drag back different diseases.

Like food, the teeth being the first and foremost tool to ensure its digestion is the teeth where our meal is broken into different parts converting into blood, vitamins and proteins if chewed and ground properly.

This was a short and breif Comparison between simple TOOTHBRUSH and Electric toothbrush

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